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Is Rin hitting too many people with her roadroller, or not hitting enough of them? This and many other concerns may be addressed here~

...and I know I, as a mun, am extremely music dumb so any help is appreciated! ♫
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Name: Rin Kagamine
Class: Twins (with Len)
Type: Steel/Electric
Ability: Master of Trading

Pokémon Bonded: 1

Abilities: Rin's abilities are mostly in the sense of her enhanced durability from her steel typing, in addition any hand-to-hand style attacks made by Rin can be considered steel type as well. Her own electricity can be utilized to give small shocks, and she can use other forms of electricity as an energy source. She can also use sound based moves - particularly normal-type moves that involve the use of a voice, such as sing, but she may hit a sour note and come out with screech or even metal sound instead.


Nidoran ♀

Team Data )
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[It's night time, sometime after their session of Monster World. Rin taps on the door. Knock knock knock.]

Hey, Austria! You in there? ♪
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General impressions of her fellow guests are as follows:

Likes - Annie, Rapture, Kaoru

Curious about - Kanaya

Dislikes - (Everyone that's been popular. It's petty rivalry, plain and simple.)

Suspicious of - Susan, Stiles, all of the nations

Unsure of everyone else.

An overview of her mental state as of her last save:

Rin has been somewhat pulled into Rapture's delusion that it's all a proper Game show with special effects. Despite that, she takes it all seriously and has been incredibly paranoid about dying due to her position in the game and in the politics of the house. Everyone on the suspicious list, Rin believes herself to be at the top of their "to kill" list due to perceived bias either against robots or for humans; she's deemed them unsafe and has noted to avoid if possible. (It did not take much to make her suspicious of these people - one or two offhand remarks was enough to get on her list, erasing any positive impressions before. She's very sensitive. The nations are apparently there because of the Ukraine debacle, though.) Her curiosity for Kanaya is related to these biases as well; she has interest in forming a nonhuman alliance of sorts, although she has no plans to approach Kanaya while they are both deadweight. Rin does plan to stay very close to Annie, who she trusts completely.

She has also begun to wonder if one of their fellow guests is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Rin thinks Susan might be the Mastermind because of her consistent immunity streak and determination to solve the mysteries - it could be that she just enjoys playing detective a little TOO much and has set up the game in such a way where she can always sit comfortably. If nothing else, Susan might need to be disposed of in order to get away with murders better - considering the immunity advantages, a double murder would be best. As of this save, she hasn't gotten as far as planning one.... Still, that "guaranteed hit song" is certainly tempting, as it could help her regain her popularity - both in the house and back home.

Speaking of home, she's figured out that she's forgotten at least four people. She's not sure where this ties into the strong feeling of recognition she gets around vegetables.
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Week 0/1

Looking for Master (Kanaya, Susan, Kaoru, Yuzu, Ukraine)
First Dinner (Rapture)
Reality TV (Rapture)
Hardly seems fair (Altman)
Why veggies? (Kaoru)
Piano Wire (Siren)
Dispensible (Rapture)

Trial: 1 2

Week 2
Awesome melon flower (Aozaki)
Twinkle (Rapture, Annie)
Creepy (Stiles)
Swing (Rapture)
Wake up call (Annie)

Trial: 1 2 3 4 5

Week 3
A piece of the sky (Annie)
Fishing for Daves (Alone)
All of my friends sleep in too late (Rapture)
Artist's block (Kanaya)
Dead weight (Alone)

Trial: 1 2

Week 4
Worries (Annie)
Playing with scissors (Rapture, Susan)
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I might.

The "moral" types in this game scare me. This country debate heavily implied that they don't view everyone equally, and humans are their priority. If they somehow get pushed the way you were, then I'm their first target, you know? Even Stiles "let's get rid of all murder weapons" Stilinski casually asked me if I could just be reassembled. How creepy is that!?!

I need all the help I can get.
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947 Beulah St. - The Hanamuras (With Yosuke, Ruri, Teddie and Naoto)


Robotic body + original outfit/accesories
(Armbands load song data, and the things on her legs are speakers. Her headphones can also contact other Vocaloids similarly to a tranceiver. These were two separate regains gotten at the same time, Christmas.)

Project Diva outfits:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

(came with a printer and scanner along with the basics (monitor/speakers blahblahetc.) Computer itself has the Vocaloid editing program as well as tons of Vocaloid music files and fan-art. She also uses the computer to back up her personal data files, like memory.)


Dog!Len from the Putin-P Series

Project Diva School Uniform + Orange Guitar

More Diva outfits
1 2 3 4

Cursed Glasses stuff
(Includes glasses that distort vision, rifle that can only shoot people/things from video games, and the skimpy outfit)

Love is War stuff
(Yellow and black outfit, gun holster, megaphone, flag)

Append Frame*

*Append frame currently traded in at the post office; in its place she has received a synthesizer.

NEGI stuff
Invasion! dresses and I can take off my panties! outfits + panties

Larval Rin
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[Well, Christmas has passed and Rin's robot body returned, along with her health. Now it is December 27th, a very special day for the girl... and her twin brother.

Very early in the morning, sometime after midnight and before the crack of dawn, she climbs to the roof. It is then she is reminded that there is an enormous space fighter over their roof. So she frowns a bit, and then decides to get up on top of that instead. Once there, she sits down, hugs her knees to her chest and sings quietly to herself to pass the time.]

Song: Before Daybreak )

[the sun begins to rise. As she watches it alone, water fills her eyes. She wipes it away diligently, but the tears don't ever seem to stop. Before she knows it, she's sobbing out loud. The sunrise is beautiful, but that only makes matters worse. Eventually, she just stops wiping them. Maybe they'll freeze to her face.]

[Today is her birthday. It's Len's birthday - Together, it's their anniversary as Vocaloids. Finally, it's been an entire year here in Mayfield that she's been here without him. The users on Nicovideo today will probably post new song after new song in celebration, but Rin won't be there to receive them with Len. She'll just be here, on a spaceship, without permission, trying to heal the scars left from that terrible, sick Christmas.
Worst. Birthday. Ever.]

[Late morning, phone]

[Rin's body has squeezed out enough tears for now. It's time to get her life back on track, starting with a promise she is late in fulfilling. She tries her best to sound like her usual, cheerful self.]

Hey, everyone! It's me, Rin Kagamine! I have my original frame back and so I'm completely back to normal. Thanks to everyone who stood with me and took care of me. So now, let me give back to you with the special announcement that Yosuke-nii mentioned a while ago. I would have liked to do this before my birthday, but you'll just have to forgive me for being a little bit late. Anyway, there's a stage at my house now, and I'm going to break it in with my latest concert the last day before school starts, January 2nd. With this, we can all celebrate the new year and the holidays together! Oh. But I promise there won't be any boring carols.


Well, it's going to be at 947 Beulah Street! The one house you can't miss. I hope everyone will come! ♪
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[So, 24 hours of straight caroling in a skimpy Santa dress was not good for a humanized Rin's health. No, not good at all. Though she managed to drag herself home, she now has laryngitis and a terrible cold. The sensible thing for her to do would be to get some rest, but she feels pretty bad about how dismal the failure at the dairy was, so she's at least going to put out one phone call. Therefore, enjoy the strangeness of a weak, raspy tone on this ex-Vocaloid's typically perfect voice. And of course, the string of coughs.]

-- thr's no fakes. Th'y all, [COUGH] r'ly came an' f-fought w' us an', [COUGH COUGH] --droned w' us, s-so...

[a sniffle, and a bit of a honk as she blows her nose on a tissue]

... s'all just a big tr'ck. Ag'n...

[she sniffs again. She feels like there's someone she needs to apologize to... But of course, apart from the ones at the dairy who are fresh in her mind, she's forgotten all of the erased people, so there's no one, after all.]
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Aaaagh, what are we doing?! Open your eyes, people, we have to stop letting Mayfield confuse us. The power was down and instead of taking advantage of it and attacking while we could, we let people sacrifice themselves for us to bring the power back! That's not acceptable! We... We're all a bunch of stinking cowards!! ♪

[She takes a deep breath, with her very human lungs. She's getting too emotional.]

I'm done. I hate having it be like this. I want these pricks to answer to me... if you agree, meet me at the dairy. There may be a generator inside. ♪

[she's about to hang up, but then pauses. Something about her earlier conversations with the "fakes" has stuck in her mind.]

Even if you were on the erased list, you can still come. Actions speak louder than words, they say! As long as you're not really Mayfield's servant, you should have no problem smashing it up, riiiiight? ♪

[it's a dare. She doesn't believe any of them will come. The phone is slammed.]

(( OOC: A log is up here! ))
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[a simple call.]

Why am I human again!? ... Does this have something to do with the power being out? ♪
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[947 Beulah St.]

[It seems that Rin has received a couple of packages for her trouble. Having taken them into the living room, she opens the first one to find four costumes folded up. She takes them out one by one, regarding the first two with approval. There is a Santa costume, which makes her grin - she totally called that one. But this final one is a bit strange. She holds up the armor that seems to have come from a video game.]

Eh, what am I supposed to do with this? ♪

['s kinda cool though. She's tempted to go and model it, but instead, she'll open up the second package. A pair of winged glasses materialize over her eyes. The world statics and pixelates in her vision, but that's only the beginning. Try as she might, can't take them off. Frustrated, she starts messing with her hair.]

Ahhh, why?! I'm supposed to be done seeing false images! ♪

[and now that she looks at the box, she can't tell what the rest of the things in it are. They are a black-gray blur... she's just going to assume that they are the weapons from the same PV, The Cursed Glasses. But then, it could also be a monster.]

Damn it--

[she takes the risk and reaches inside. Gripping something metallic, she stands up and holds it in both of her hands with a big sigh of relief.

So now there's Rin holding a big-ass rifle in the living room, and if you're just entering, she'll probably point it at you, since she can't see clearly. What do, housemates?]

[Later; Library]

[Rin has at least ditched the weaponry, but now she's wearing the outfit that came with the glasses, and they still won't come off. At a loss, she drags her grumpy, scantily-clad butt to the library - because that's what she did in the song, right? Of course, she wanders around bumping into things, and when she finally locates the bookshelves and cracks open a book, she can't read shit.

...It's not that she didn't expect this, but she still groans loudly.]

This is hopeless.
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[This morning before Rin could leave the house, her drone mother stopped her to try a new recipe. Ever since Luka replaced her "mother," Rin's found it hard to deny her the little things like this, and so despite her better instincts, she went ahead and ate the bright purple quiche for breakfast. It was pretty tasty, actually... but then she started to feel incredibly strange. Thinking she could sleep it off, she took a nap on the couch for a few hours....]

Cut for RIDICULOUSLY LONG, but some prompts may contain triggers for murder or suicide. Especially the song. )

((OOC: WHEW FINALLY DONE. So, feel free to tag any prompt, just know that Lil' Slugger has dibs on killing Rin and Anon has dibs on stealing her corpse later. ...Yep. It's that kind of a day.

Also, replies to the uptown prompt may result in violence or even malicious fourth-wall-breaking existential bullshit directed toward your character, so if you choose that one, please tell me in the subject line what you're okay with and what not to do!! Thank you!! Seriously, if you read this whole thing you deserve a gold star or something. orz ))
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